Saturday, April 30, 2011

The "as F as it will ever be" O: 60's cowl top

No lipstick, Roo? That's a bad sign!

This top was intended as a wearable muslin of Vogue 6601, a cowl-necked "overblouse" from the early 1960's.

My intention was to make a couple of long-sleeved versions out of cotton jersey as a more stylish alternative to t-shirts.

But when I opened out the vintage pattern, I found that the previous owner hadn't taken care when cutting it, and had sliced through the top of the cowl section, leaving me to redraft the front neckline from looking at the line drawings. I think I made a good stab at it, but it all went downhill from there...
The fabric was a gift from Scruffy Badger. She too struggled with its slippery properties and ended up with a Pendrell sleeve in the wrong place.

I took lots of precautions: pinning, basting, more basting... and that was just to cut out the pieces!

Ever cut a top on the bias of a fabric that slithers and stretches out of shape as soon as look at it? Grrr.

But I persevered. I made the neck work. I replaced the full-length back zip with a shorter one, just long enough to let me in and out. Then I tried it on. Just to see.

The front view isn't too bad, though it's not terribly cowl-like.

But you can see from the side view that it is just not pretty.

The weight of the back zip is dragging the cowl up and back, so the whole thing slips off my shoulders and droops,creating an unattractive hunchback look.

The back view is truly ugly: shapeless, baggy, sack-like. I have tried everything to keep it forwards and down, but it just won't behave.

So I won't be bothering to face the sleeves or hem it. It's a wadder.

Please don't tell me just to take it in a bit and pin the shoulders to my bra straps. It is never going to make me happy and I need to move on, lesson learned.

Life is too short to waste any more time on the Slytherin Thing.

The good news?

My Lisette pattern arrived today - yay!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day One of Four

Welcome to my 4-day weekend!

Day One:

Got up, baked Blueberry Spelt muffins for breakfast, shower, then out to the veg patch.

I wore my Brighton pavilions tunic today, and it fits me properly since I lost a couple of inches round the middle. Yay!

Covering the vegetable garden with old carpet tiles was an inspired idea! There were no weeds underneath, and the soil was moist and easily turned - woo hoo!

I sowed 5 rows of broad beans.

A ten minute tea break at 11am to see The Bride's Dress - yes, I approve, very 1930's bodice, I thought.

Cleaned the bathroom.

Set the slow cooker to make Chilli Pepper Pot (with chicken but no pork belly) from the usual recipe book.

Went to Lidl and did the weekly shop.

Cursory lunch.

Mended my black Simplicity 2501 blouse (the elastic had popped out of the puffed sleeve) and took in my Clothkits Ruby skirt by a couple of inches so I can wear it again - at last!

And I made a start on my slippery cowl neck top, before dinner and an evening watching Amelie, while getting on with Betty Jean.

My Lisette pattern did not arrive. Instead I received a receipt with a note: "balance of order to follow". Very frustrating! However, there is plenty of fabric in the stash to ponder... and three whole days stretching ahead of me!

A good day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This weekend...

Oh the plans, the plans!
I have great hopes for a weekend of sewing, knitting and gardening: in that order of priority!

The garden

I have managed to spend an hour a day weeding, by claiming the first hour of the evening as gardening time.

So I drive in to the farm from work, exchange pleasantries with FL, then get into my mud-gear for an hour among the herbs with the dog.

Actually, that's not quite true - I tie the dog to a tree so that he doesn't run after the neighbour's puppies - but at least he's outside with me! In an hour I can weed one square metre of ground, which doesn't sound like much, but it's progress.

This area was scrubland when I took it over in 2005. I'm getting there! The earliest blog pictures I can find are from August 2008, here. I can definitely see signs of growth... and the neighbours have stopped complaining, which has to be a good thing! ; )


This extra-long weekend's sewing plan is to make things to wear at home. It frustrates me that I don't have anything me-made to wear in my "down-time". I tend to live in skinny jeans and shabby old t shirts.

My choice of vintage patterns tends to be quite formal and "starchy", rather than relaxed. So I ordered a modern pattern: the Portfolio set from Lisette at Simplicity. Half-price at lots of UK suppliers until the end of the month - try Jaycotts or Sewing World.

I ordered mine a week ago and at the time of writing it has still not arrived - I blame all those public holidays in England! Fingers crossed it arrives this weekend...

There are lots of enthusiastic Lisette sewers out in blogland. If you are interested, the most prolific include Fiveandcounting and Nightknitter. But it hasn't escaped my notice that they tend to be the mothers of young children. These are very "toddler-friendly" clothes, with big pockets to fill with stray bits of lego! I am way beyond that stage now and I am wary of coming across as desperately mutton-as-lamb-ish. But I can't deny that these tunic style tops are comfortable, practical and fun, and as I commented on Minnado's post, I just need to get over myself.

So: the Portfolio dress / tunic / top and a pair of capri-esque bottoms? That's the plan.

And I am going to use stash fabric, because to buy more material would be ridiculous. That's me told.


Betty Jean, obviously. But I might see if I can finish the first April sock for The Girl. At this rate she will get a pair in June.

There are two babies due to work colleagues in the next few months so I suppose I had better do the decent thing and make something. 

I need to find a baby pattern that I enjoy knitting or they will get nothing, and that would be bad. Knitters have social obligations where babies are concerned...

Maybe the nattily-named "Design C" from Sirdar's Seaside Babes book? Ravelry link here. Let's just hope someone has a girl...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Knitter Issue 31

I had to go to the big supermarket to buy spelt flour, and I picked up the latest issue of The Knitter, Issue 31, just to

have a look, you understand...

I documented my early love/hate relationship with this publication, which possibly didn't make me any friends in publishing, so I promise not to ramble on about the things I don't like.

Though my sharp tongue is just itching to comment on the WTF items..!

Moving on...

There are several things in here that I actively NEED to knit. Queue jumpers. It helps that there are some red-hot designers at work in this issue.

There is a pair of socks from Yarnissima herself: a toe-up design which uses a heart motif to absorb stitch increases, and sets the foot on a chevron bias, so strikes me as a great pattern for a subtley self-striping yarn? I want to try it anyway!

Susan Crawford of A Stitch in Time fame has contributed a 1920's-inspired mock-wrap sleeveless pullover called "Anyone For Tennis?" which combines - wait for it - JC Rennie lambswool with a fine thread of Habu stainless steel yarn in a herringbone stitch. I'll give you a minute to absorb all that information. Vintage, super-textured herringbone, local yarn: all that in one design?! She has even included instructions for two lengths - one "vintage" and one "for modern tastes". No chart for the stitch pattern and odd styling, but I am concentrating on what I like, remember!

And there is a Liz Lovick design for a lacey collar / capelet which has a sort of Edwardian / gothic feel in black, and has so much potential to cover a bare necked t-shirt in transitional weather conditions. So neat! So stylish!
But my real candidate for queue-jumper is a surprising choice on my part.

It is a Rowan All Seasons Cotton tunic in a hefty aran-patterned design by Martin Storey. Short sleeved. Shawl collared. Belted at the waist. The Girl hates it!

But I look at it and I see 1930's elegance, especially over swoopy wide-legged trousers - ooh I've got some of those! ; )

And All Seasons Cotton is reduced at Kemps at the moment... I am thinking light blue...

But I cannot allow myself to be distracted from Betty Jean - I just cannot! Upper yoke and sleeves still to be knitted... on 2.25mm needles. I may be some time.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Can we talk about shorts?

I'm a big Busby Berkeley fan.

If I had my time again I would be tap, tap, tapping away on the Broadway stage!

So when I saw this pattern on Etsy a kaleidoscope of high-kicking ladies popped up and danced around my desk. WOW!

But it's time to get real. Somewhere between 1981 and 2011 I got older... and so did my knees.

However, I do wonder whether I might be able to wear some shorts to work this summer?

Obviously, nothing quite as short as Miss Ruby Keeler!

ASOS has some gorgeous pairs in their current range of 208 different styles: 208?! So if you are in the market for buying a pair that would be a great place to start.

But of course I want to sew something...

This little number from the 1930's is rather special!

So is the price.

But I like the skirt-like pleats.

This more recent pattern has a similar look.
And I like that they picture Julia Roberts wearing View A! ; )

View C is a pair of shorts, honest.

But are we heading into "culotte" territory, beloved of trainee teachers in the 1990's? (Yes, I admit it, I am talking about myself!)
And then there is the early 1960's approach to shorts - well, hot pants!
I like this pattern a lot: that Mod-looking top, capri pants - it's got everything!

But I keep coming back to KNEES.

"Knees in the workplace?": Discuss.

And are capri pants in danger of looking "dated" rather than "vintage"?

Would I look like I was referencing the Land's End catalogue clearance sale rather than Audrey Hepburn?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Day Weekend

I took the day off work on Friday as The Girl's school was closed for training.

I spent most of Friday weeding and seeding, which of course left me too dizzy to do much else this weekend - oops!

So I sat down with Betty Jean... and am pleased to report I have finished the colourwork section - woo hoo!

The Girl thinks it is hilarious that I didn't know what " a free pass" meant. She has explained (aged 14). So y'all must be having a good laugh at my celebrity list... pah!

Thank you for all those lovely comments on my new trousers and top. It's great when a plan works out!

My next sewing project is slightly stalled. I had every intention of zipping through a casual-wear top this weekend... but the pattern hasn't arrived. It will be the first "modern" pattern I have bought in a long long time. Maybe it will come in time for next weekend when I get two public holidays stapled either side of the weekend - imagine that!

If you are reading this in England you will be smiling smugly right now because you're halfway through one of those already. I stick my tongue out at you : p

Rather than be stalled completely, I have cut out this 60's cowl neck top in the fabric sent to me by Scruffy Badger. My, but it is slippery stuff!

It is looking quite wide, but I am not in the mood to do battle with it right now, so I will stick to knitting... and maybe do some more desultory digging. The 30 plug plants are in place but there are still far too many weeds and a rabbit corpse to be dealt with. Easter Bunny, anyone?

Friday, April 22, 2011

FO: Simplicity 1388, Polka Dots and Ric-Rac!

On Sunday morning it was unexpectedly too sunny to weed... no, I can hardly believe it either!

So I thought I would stay indoors, cut out a Sencha blouse and start prepping the tailor tacks.

But while looking for the fabric, I came across this polka-dotted cotton, and suddenly a fully-formed plan popped into my mind and it was: go, go, go! Sew, sew, sew!

Your Honour... a badger made me do it ; )

This pattern was sent to me by Scruffy Badger and I fully admit that my interpretation is totally inspired by her recent pin-dot blouse refashion.

Plagiarism or tribute? You decide!

Polka Dots? TICK

Ric-Rac? TICK

Vintage cute factor? TICK


Simplicity 1388 from 1955 in size 32"

Fabric: one yard of dotted navy /white cotton. I think it was from Favourite Fabrics at eeebaaay, but I am not sure.


A relic from an early internet craft swop experience from a girl whose alias included "limone".

Sorry, wherever you are, I can't remember your name, but thank you so much for these buttons, they have finally found their perfect placement!

Other notions:

Two short zips: one at the back of the neck, one at the left side hem.

Bias binding for the neck and armholes.

A remnant of Ric-Rac from my Lola apron


Very very 50's-cute! I can imagine wearing this with capri pants, a headscarf and cat's eye sunglasses, sitting on a Vespa in Milan!

Crikey Roo, calm yourself, it's just a top!

Yeah, well maybe it is just a top to you, but to me it is absolutely full of fun and rockabilly attitude!

My only regret is that I used the only bias binding I had, and it shows a bit under the arms.... bright yellow polka dots are anything but shy and retiring! But I expect I will mostly wear this with a cardigan on top, since I don't exactly live in a Mediterranean climate, despite my tall tales of "too hot to garden"!

It is typically 50's-short, so can't be worn with my low-slung jeans, but is perfect with high-waisted trousers, or the wiggle skirt I have yet to make! It would be great with a red circle skirt...!

In summary: I got my sewing groove on, and I like it!

And what did FL say?

"It's a bit... Disneyland...?"

To which I replied:

But darling, I needed something new for the Royal Wedding! ; )

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Hell, yeah!"

So... Ms Scruffy Badger is not content with leading me down unplanned sewing routes with her pattern and fabric parcel, now she has hijacked my blog plan by tagging me with this award. Um- thank you, I think!

What are the questions again?

1. what size shoe do you wear? if you wear a size 7, can i borrow your shoes?

Except Ms Scruffy sent me this and she says she wears a 3 1/2 or 4 - hey, snap! :D

So if you do buy those Hushpuppies shoes and decide you don't really want them after all, you know where to find me! And you can borrow my monster wedgies if you promise not to run the Marathon in them!

2. 30′s or 60′s? For style: the 30's every time. I don't have the knees for the 60's. :S

3. have you ever kissed someone you shouldn’t have? Reader: I married him.

4. have you ever been poisoned? was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed? that is awesomely “knot’s landing.” Never been poisoned... yet. Unless you count the blue cheese at the BUNAC cheese and wine evening in 1983. It was enough to turn me vegan for three years.

5. who’s on your “celebrity free pass” list (top 5)? This is a hard one. I don't really "do" celebrities. But if I threw a party and they promised to come:

  • Tim Gunn

  • KD Lang

  • Siri Hustvedt

  • Bill Withers

  • Barak Obama

That would be some party, dontcha think?!

Hee - now I get to tag some other people... lets stir things up a bit:

I tag:

Go for it ladies! ; )

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On The Go

Thanks to all you lovely people for words of empathy or spirit-bolstering re the whole Revlimid scenario. :)

FL would like you to know that he cooked the dinner tonight for the first time in... ooh... some considerable length of time and while we all know he was powered by Dexies, it didn't stop it being entirely edible and released me from kitchen duties to weed the garden instead - woo with a side salad of hoo!

Actually it was Stovies.

With added greens for The Girl and me!

I have been sewing this week and have something to show you... but you will have to wait for the fog to lift before I can take a photo or two.

And I have great hopes for more sewing this weekend, despite the delivery of 30 tiny plug plants which require further weed excavations before they can be stuck in the ground.

My new trousers are heading to work tomorrow, for the first time. Yay!

I forgot to update you on the progress of my week with a Food Diary and heart rate monitor. I successfully recorded everything I ate, drank and felt, despite some strong inclinations towards rebellion at the weekend when I just couldn't face weighing yet another cup of tea!

I accidentally lost 0.3kg in the week despite an impressive collection of chocolate wrappers in my "labels" bag - oops! I will receive a feedback report in a few weeks. It should be quite amusing! My daughter's prediction is that I am a control freak who lives on adrenalin and Cadbury's Flake bars and that I ought to eat more real food. But it will be interesting to get an objective opinion!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

FO: Eva Dress Trousers 3322 (40's style)

I officially love wide-legged trousers!

I saw this pattern made up by Susannah of Cargo Cult Craft (the same lady who sold me the South Riding Blouse pattern) and thought it offered just the right amount of swishiness for warmer days. You could wear french knickers under here without a VPL (just saying!).

I just noticed the dog's expression...!

I cut a size 16 (1940's sizing) but a 14 would have been big enough. After being measured, I took the seams in by about 1/4" each. As the pattern only has 1/2" seam allowances, this was easy enough, with no excess fabric to cut away, but of course it slowed me down having to unpick, press, sew, press. But there is no rush, Roo, so just get on with it!

It seems like a very simple-to-make style, but I stumbled a bit with the side facings. You cut a 3" wide bias piece out of your leftover fabric for the front facing, and a 4 1/2" wide piece lengthways for the back "underlap".

When I sewed on the waistband, I stitched along the top of the underlap, folding it under as I went. I still stare at the diagram and come to the same mistaken conclusion about what is intended - duh! Perfect if you want a stick-out-at-the sides belt feature and your knickers on display down the gap!

I have scoured the web for pattern reviews and found that other sewists thought that the waistband was cut too short. Several people have opted to sew in a zip rather than buttons and I have to say I thought I might have to do the same, but I really wanted the buttoned side feature, so I cut the underlap free at the top and bias-bound the raw edge.

Fudgery at its best! But I will remember next time! I will - because I wrote myself a note and drew a picture!

The instructions are typically 1940's in style - reliant mostly on minimal diagrams and the sewer's own experience.

I liked the fact that the waistband is sewn onto the inside and then topstitched in place on the outside. So often, I have been instructed to sew to the outside and turn to the inside... and then been forced to handstitch the band into place for fear of wonky misaligned machine stitching appearing on the upper surface.

I hemmed them at a length to suit my new two-tone shoes - woo hoo! I had to turn under a whopping 6 inches, then double it back to the upper side to form the turn-ups.


Pattern: Eva Dress 3322, a reproduction of a 1940's Simplicity design, multi-sized. I cut size 16, but 14 would have been fine.

Fabric: 2 metres of navy cotton trousering from Croft Mill - only just enough fabric! I wouldn't risk it next time - another 30cm would have been sensible. Gorgeous swishy fabric.

Buttons: Modern plastic with an anchor design. From eeebaaay. In retrospect, I would have preferred vintage buttons but I bought these specifically for these trousers, and they look fine, so all's good.

Verdict?: A real case of attention deficit sewing malfunction disorder! Luckily all is forgiven because I love the end result. Are these my favourite trousers? Could be!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rockalily Roo

This is a vanity post. I had better say that up front, in case you were expecting intelligent conversation ;)

Thursday was a manic day at work, with lots of "4 out of 5"-scale stress on my research project chart (and no lunch til 2pm - tsk!). But I knew it would be and I was prepared: I wore my best armour!

I wanted to show you how the Sencha blouse looks with a high waist: my Cold War skirt. Can I just say: problem solved?! The cinching at the middle is exactly what is needed to control the puffiness of the blouse. The elasticated belt of my activity monitor accentuated this further, but I took it off for this picture.

And the point of this is? I am going to make another Sencha, sooner rather than later, because I felt fabulous in this outfit!

And while we are on the subject of vanity, you might as well see my new lipstick!

This is Rockette Red by Rockalily.

And while my mini-quiff may have been a mistake, with rather too much forehead on display, I have to say I love the colour of this lipstick!

Note also my reddish hair streak - it was purple only 2 weeks ago - pah!

Please ignore background clothing heaps and crumpled bed!

Continuing the show-and-tell... please meet my new shoes!

I needed some smart flat shoes to wear with my new Eva Dress pattern trousers (of which more at the weekend!) and I became obsessed by the idea of two-tone brogues.

These are "handcrafted by Alfred Sargent", with leather soles, Goodyear welts and impeccable credentials. If you look at that web link you will probably need resuscitation when you see the prices. But I got these in a clearance sale on eeebaaay for a mere £40. Seriously!

FL reckons they look like golf shoes and laughed for some time, especially when he noticed I was wearing argyll-patterned socks. He offered me his tweed plus-fours. I respectfully declined.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New knitterly plans

I had a week's holiday from Betty Jean, and accepted my mother's invitation for her to unpick my 5 rows of mistakes in the colourwork while she watched tv. Thanks grandma!

While she did that, I worked on my 2LuvCrew sock and got as far as the "heel transition" of sock one. Then my brain gave out and I knitted and unpicked this section three times. I might abandon my attempts to continue the heart pattern into the heel. It's not as if it will ever be seen, and to be honest the stitch pattern is not particularly "visible" unless you know what you are looking for: it just looks like "some kind of lace" as The Girl put it.

This week, I am back to Betty Jean, with a whole new burst of enthusiasm.

This was brought on by discovering two "must knits", which have shot my queue to smithereens... again!

First up: a Patons and Baldwin's pattern from the 50's which is free, free, free! and can be found here.

Swallows! That tattoo-friendly symbol of rockabilly ladies, on a sweater!

I am thinking a Blueberry AlbaYarn cardigan with a nipped-in waist and Rowan red birds and red buttons... :D

Or even a little sweater, as writ. SO CUTE!

The next beauty to catch my eye had to be paid for, but is part of a booklet of several designs from the 1930's: Weldon's #294, and to be honest I can imagine knitting several of these lovely garments, immediately!

You can buy it here.

A new-to-me knitting sewing blogger has recently finished this sweater, though she made it in plain grey here. Lovely!

I love the triangular rib shaping at the waist! And the neck tie!

But I would have to knit this in... um... Albayarn! In Peat with Moody Blue and Thistle and maybe Broom checks...?!

N.B. I only have the Peat at the moment...

I don't know what I am going to do when A Stitch in Time Volume 2 comes out in June. Buy yarn, I expect!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weights and Measures

Image credit: Diabetes UK My workplace is supporting a local research study which is all about eating behaviours and stress. Intrigued, I signed up to be an anonymous volunteer.

Ok - not that anonymous because they know who I am, where I live, where I work, what I weigh, marital status, date of birth - actually they pretty much know everything about me except that I knit and blog! ; )

Today I was "weighed in" and all my vital statistics taken. Of course, it was all in centimetres and kilos so I had to go back to the office and convert my stats to inches and pounds to make sense of it all. And it was very interesting. I hadn't weighed myself for about 5 years and I had certainly not been measured by anyone else, well, forever!

And you may not be surprised to hear that I am slimmer and lighter than I thought. At least I got my height right!

Which explains why my 40's trousers-to-be seem a bit big. I could have made a size smaller.

I am also borderline "underweight" on the BMI graph. Oops!

I had to fill in a gazillion questionnaires there and then, and for the next week I have to keep a very detailed food diary, weigh everything I eat or drink, and wear a fancy movement detector to measure how much I exercise. Talk about stressful!

I have to note how I am feeling every hour on the hour.

Um - "stressed by all these questions" comes to mind!

It is going to be an interesting week...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Big Switchover i.e. SPRING!

OK, I admit it. It is spring. There are daffodils everywhere, and I have the bedroom window open for the first time in about six months - about the same time as my last seasonal wardrobe switchover.

And was I ever so ready for a breath of fresh air!

I hauled everything out onto the bed.

Oh my goodness!

Three hours later and there were heaps everywhere.

There was a bag labelled "winter probation", until I realised it was taking up the space I needed for my home-made winter coat.

So - bye bye bobbly thermal vests and holey Uniqlo sweater dress, your time is up!

Did I really expect to like them when October comes around again?

And there is a heap of "problem children" to be attended to: a skirt to take in; a blouse to lengthen; another skirt to refashion into a bias-cut cowl neck top when the pattern arrives.

But it was genuinely uplifting to welcome my summery me-mades back into my wardrobe - woo hoo!

And there is more than I remembered, too! I have enough self-stitched summery tops to see me through the week without a laundry crisis. They even look like they were created with a palette in mind!

But what I have very quickly realised is that my apparent affection for my grey-green Bella trousers back in September was not just a quirk. I simply do not own many plain-coloured bottom halves. Lucky I am halfway through making some navy 40's trousers, eh?

I need to stop ogling the printed voile and the fancy quilting cottons in my stash and concentrate on making some basics that work with the tops I already have: more trousers; perhaps a pair of smart shorts; definitely a black skirt!

Then, and only then can I get back to the exciting stuff!

Oh - and I have a severe need for a black cardigan. Though Betty Jean would be pretty useful too!

Friday, April 08, 2011

End of Week Catch-Up

The Dreadlocked Boy has been and gone, complete with Radioactive Pink-haired girlfriend. No pictures permitted, but I have to just say they look amazing together ;) And how sweet that he took her to the treehouse to look at the stars in the dark of night! Aw bless!

The Girl flies to London today, and grandma goes home tomorrow. It will be very quiet here!

FL has been working hard on staying awake during the day, but has developed a lumpy rash all over his face, neck and scalp. He still has a terrible cough. Off to the GP this afternoon.

And yesterday he forgot to stop the car to let the dog in at the end of the road. He rang me an hour later, when he remembered. I drove out to search for the dog, and while I was looking, a woman rang the house to say she had found him. He had gone about 5 miles over the fields, cross country. We had a rendezvous at the Village Hall, where she drew up in a very fancy 4x4 with a special doggy seatbelt installed in the back. Hero was most reluctant to come home - I think he was enjoying the view and comfy seat too much!

I knitted a hat - you saw that. And I have started my April socks. They are the 2LuvCrew pattern from the Knit Love Club of 2010. For The Girl.

I have also cut out my 1940's Eva Dress trousers (pattern 3322), ready to sew this weekend. That's them in the top picture - see how close I was to not having enough material?! They really are extremely wide!

And I had a lovely surprise in the post.

I sent my Pendrell pattern to Ms Scruffy Badger, because I knew she would make better use of it than me.

In return, she sent me this fab vintage pattern and some lovely purple drapey fabric - how kind! Totally not necessary, but very much appreciated - woo hoo!

I have a plan...

Thursday, April 07, 2011

FO: Norie in Noir

The Girl wanted a hat to wear on holiday at the end of this week. She is off to London.

Of course it had to be black... about the only colour I didn't have "in stock" ; )

So while we were at The Wool Shed, I picked up a couple of balls of the only black dk available: Rowan Cashsoft DK. Um - rather more expensive than I expected but she assures me she will wear this "always"!

It was a quick and easy knit and the yarn is super soft and super-drapey: pretty much perfect for this pattern.

There was one other thing she would have liked from our trip to Oyne...

These three crows were circling the ceiling at Touched by Scotland and were, indeed, "awesome".

Sadly, they were also £250 each, so we had to make do with my photos.

ETA: The hat pattern is Norie by the Shetland Trader

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Good Enough to Eat?

We took grandma to The Wool Shed and the adjacent Touched by Scotland craft gallery and restaurant for lunch.

She was very much impressed by the wool and tried Cullen Skink for the first time.

This is Peat AlbaYarn, not Cullen Skink.

I asked the shop assistant about the rumours that AlbaYarn might not be available for long because JC Rennie is in administration. My oh my, she did not like that comment! I was informed that there were several people interested in buying the company and that the Wool Shed has no shortage of the yarn in stock.

Got that?

Panic over.

But I had to buy 5 balls of Peat, because, you know, it was there.

I thought you might like to see the full range of colours. ; )


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Not quite to plan, but still...

The cleaning took a lot longer than expected.

But I found a collection of old blue glass bottles on a remote shelf, spruced them up, and now they are on the windowsill, catching the evening sunlight.

I dare say these are "nick-nacks" and will be frowned upon by my darling FL, but I was intrigued by a neighbour's house in Hull: her kitchen window had ranks of glass shelves filled with tiny glass bottles, green and blue, instead of curtains.

Beautiful, I thought then, and I do still.

FL has been asleep all day, and is only now tackling the Sofa of Doom.

He has yet to clean out his car sufficiently to pick up grandma from the station tomorrow afternoon. I suggested to her that her white jacket might not be such a good idea.

The Boy comes home for a couple of days on Tuesday, with His Girl. Crikey!

So I don't suppose I will get much sewing done this week.


In knitting news... I have some unpicking to do after getting too confident last night.

Charts? Who needs them? Um - clearly I do. Silly fool.

I need to get a sock on the needles for April.

Betty Jean is having a little holiday.