Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Yup - me too!
But it won't keep me away from here - I promise!
Apart from anything else, it will take me some time to get the stash photographed...
And I can't post my sewing projects to Ravelry!
Thanks for all the sock-love for the Rainbows! I have checked my measurements, and they should definitely fit my pal. Someone asked if it was possible to make a completely matching pair? You could... but it would be tricky - you would have to knit the first stitch at exactly the same place on the colour repeat on both socks, and knit to exactly the same tension and hope that the yarn was dyed completely evenly.
I like the fact that they are "different but the same". And no, I am NOT going to knit another pair straightaway to see if I end up with 4 completely unique socks! I am all stranded-out for a while. Give me single colour knitting, give me it now!
Speaking of which, I just cast on for more socks: "Scrolls" from "More Sensational Knitted Socks" in my lovely lovely Piece of Beauty "Vintage Floral". Pictures will follow when I get beyond the ribbing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rainbows End

Fresh off the needles, one pair of sisterly Rainbow Socks (pattern by Candace Eisner Strick, available from here).
The yarn is Opal Feelings and Regia Sock in plain black, so these should be easy-care. I am really pleased that I did not try to make identical twin socks as I actually prefer the second sock to the first. This way, all of the colours get their chance to shine - I especially like the blue and the pink, and neither of these was very prominent on the first sock.
See how much yarn was left? At least enough for another pair! And I only used about 30g of plain black Regia.
I have reason to believe that my sock pal will like these – but I am not saying how I know - tee hee hee!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cinders, sisters and the big hook

First the good stuff: I am amazed and thrilled to be told that I am the winner of the Grand Prize in the Purlescence Storytellers competition! I have won a Zelda bag and Deluxe needle clutch from Offhand Designs. Woo hoo!

If you are new here, you might not know about the Cinderella Stockings – you can find the pattern via the side bar.

Other good stuff – I had lots of great comments on the first rainbow sock, and I am extremely pleased to see that the vast majority would be happy to receive “sisterly” socks rather than identical twins – phew! That was my instinct, but I was worried it was just my Inner Sloth trying to get away with the easy route – i.e. knit it as it comes!

This weekend I had a flirtation with crochet. Crochet flowers. Don’t worry – I am not about to give up The Sock! A friend is running a charity craft stall later in the year and asked me to take part. So I needed a quick-to-make saleable item. Enter the crochet corsage. I made some of these early last year and sold them on Ebay. But this year I have taken it a step beyond – I am using the same pattern, but making them out of Noro Kureyon with a massive hook and then felting them – much classier than simple crochet! Each will be slightly different due to the vagaries of the Kureyon, and also by the embellishments I use for the centre of the flower – some will be beaded, some a vintage button. I will take a picture once there is a "batch" to show. This is my project for weekends. Socks remain the weekday staple!

The not-good-news: First Love has suspected pneumonia. It’s his birthday tomorrow, so I am taking the day off work to lavish him with affection and make sure he gets better soon.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Sing a rainbow!

The first rainbow sock is finished!

Even my son approves - though he thinks the sole pattern is better than the upper - it is "really intense". (I think this might be the hip new word to replace "cool" or "wicked" in teenage dictionaries.)


What should I do about sock number 2? Should I try to make it a perfect twin and match up the stripes... or just knit it as it comes and go for sisterly socks?

Come on socakapaloooozers - I need your advice here! If this was YOUR sock (and it is definitely coming to one of you in August) what would YOU prefer?

  1. Perfect twin? or

  2. Sisters?

Please leave a comment to help me decide!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Sunbeam and rainbows

Sunbeam St Ives sock yarn has been discontinued.

For those who don’t know, this is a heathered “traditional” sock wool: 80% wool, 20% nylon – perfect for men due to its strength and colourways. It is also very much cheaper than most sock yarn. Nancy Bush uses it a few times in “Knitting Vintage Socks” and there is also a pattern for it in “Knitting on the Road”.

So when I spotted enough of this yarn for 5 pairs of socks on ebay for £10.99… I snapped it up!

First Love likes his hand-knitted socks. He likes them so much, he wears them every day. And he is not a “light user”! I left him at home today with the darning needle and his Piece of Beauty Gentleman’s stockings. He is an expert darner! But there is a definite need for several pairs of St Ives socks to be knitted in the coming months.

After the sockapalooooza rainbow socks that is!
Things are not quite as I expected with the rainbow socks! I thought that using a self-striping yarn alongside black would produce a shimmering "rainbow through the storm clouds" effect (humour me here!) but I didn't compute that using two yarns together makes each one go further than it would if it was knitted on its own... so the "bandwidth" of the stripes is very very long. So instead of going: "orange, yellow, green, blue, pink" before the heel turn, it has gone: "orange, yellow, yellow, yellow, more yellow...ooh - green!"
I hung on in there, because it is knitting up well - I seem to have done the right thing to believe the pattern when I was instructed to use 3.25mm needles - which I expected to be too loose. In fact, it suits my tension pretty well. And a really exciting thing happened late last night as I turned the heel... I can't wait to show you!
But I would hate to knit a pair of socks and have my pal think they were brash and ugly... it is a fine line between "fun" and "garish"! Comments? Anyone?